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Your tattooed love is just a swipe away! At Tattoo Singles, it's not just about the classic "flirt match" – here, not only people but also TATTOOS can match. If you like a tattoo and your tattoo gets a "like" in return, then you'll experience a unique "tattoo match" that paves the way for a closer connection. Forget the traditional "flirt match" – with us, it's all about the "tattoo match"! Dive into the vibrant world of Tattoo Singles and download our mobile dating app for tattooed women and men.

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Launched in 2007, the concept of Tattoo Singles gained immediate popularity. We quickly surpassed the milestones of 1,000 and shortly after, 10,000 members. The transition from website to app presented some challenges, leading to a brief hiatus. However, the vision for Tattoo Singles has never faded. Over 15 tattooed couples have tied the knot with us, resulting in more than 10 Tattoo Singles babies.

We're back and better than ever! Don't hesitate – download the Tattoo Singles app now and embark on your journey into the world of inked love! Like what you see? Recommend us!

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Explore the unique world of online dating with the Tattoo Singles App! During the testing phase, we are developing the app in collaboration with our community. Connect with like-minded individuals, forge real connections – all in one place. Our app offers an unparalleled dating experience with features that will exceed your expectations. Some features are in the planning or development stage as we enhance the mobile dating app for tattooed singles. Be part of it from the beginning, test the app, share your feedback, and actively contribute. We aim to be more than just a dating app – be part of our evolution! Provide feedback, make connections, and shape the future of online dating for tattooed singles with us! Give it a try!

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